GP Health Services in Punchbowl

Dr. Sayyal has extra training in the care of skin cancers, pediatric health, railway medicals, and corporate health. He has a strong commitment to improving the health of his community.

GP Health Services in Punchbowl

The general practice offers tremendous potential with stability, family-friendly working hours, and excellent career prospects. It is a challenging, rewarding, and diversified job. It is forwarded to a neighborhood doctor who treats mild, urgent, and chronic illnesses and refers patients with more severe diseases to a hospital or specialist doctor. Near Punchbowl, Sydney, Sayyal Health provides the best GP services. Please make an appointment or visit his clinic right away.

PRP Therapy in Punchbowl

PRP is among the famous treatments in Australia’s cosmetic industry. There is an experienced doctor in Sayyal Health Services conducting the PRP treatment. To avail of this treatment, you need to meet the GP first for the consultation purposes of the suitable treatment with the PRP injections. It involves a medical history and the availability of the options according to it. There is PRP treatment for the face, which consists of the PRP facial. Visit Sayyal Health clinic or make an appointment for PRP treatment near me in Punchbowl, Sydney.

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Kids Health Services in Punchbowl

Kids’ health is part of Sayyal Health Services, which specializes in care for children. It highlights kids’ health in Australia and other cities, including Punchbowl. The aim is to provide a nourishing environment for the kids regarding their health and nutrition. There is a GP for kids to guide you in all the stages, even about Australian circumcision, tantrums of your toddlers, and newly entering into parenting. They are available for assistance as much as possible.

Skin Cancer Management in Punchbowl

Skin cancer checks by a team of specialists are available at Sayyal Health Services. It is for the diagnosis and procedure before skin cancer surgery. It can be Melanoma or BCC/SCC. A referral is necessary from the GP for the appointment. In some situations, he will also arrange the tests at the initial stage, consisting of a full skin check, biopsy, and imaging. According to the requirements, perform the biopsy in four weeks. There is also a mole check to know about the stage of skin cancer. Please book your appointment at Sayyal Health Clinic near Punchbowl, Sydney.

Railway Health Services in Punchbowl

To receive the Rail Industry Worker (RIW) card, the railway workers must go through the assessment conducted by Sayyal Health Services. In the beginning, it was just testing capabilities to be present inside the rail corridor and listening to the instructions. There are three categories: cat 1 rail medical, cat 2 rail medical, and cat 3 rail medical. The high-rated GP at Sayyal Health Services asks for tests, including ECG (heart check-up) and blood test for cholesterol, before proceeding with the appointment. There is also an involvement of drug and alcohol screening, including urine and breathing analysis. Visit Sayyal Health Clinic near me in Punchbowl, Sydney.

Corporate Health Services in Punchbowl

The workplace is only productive when the working staff are well-trained and fit medically. They need to be assessed in terms of health to check their performance according to their tasks. Every department’s job is different from the others, and the role of a GP at Sayyal Health Services can recognize it. They are highly skillful and professional in carrying out health examinations. Contact us for all the details, and even pre-employment medical services are available. It includes weight, height, BMI, physical fitness, and testing of eyes and ears.

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