GP health Services in Riverwood

Dr. Sayyal is certified in managing skin cancers, corporate health, paediatric health, and railway medicals. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has registered experienced general practitioner Dr. Safwan Sayyal as a specialist (RACGP). Dr. Sayyal has extensive experience in general practice and has worked in both urban and rural areas of our country.

GP Health Services in Riverwood

A medical center near me in Riverwood maintains professional competency for general practice and has the experience and knowledge to offer ongoing, comprehensive care. These medical experts serve the RACGP’s definition of general practice. We have a team of experts to provide medical facilities in Riverwood. Dr. Sayyal offers GP Health services; visit his clinic today or book an appointment.

PRP Therapy in Riverwood

PRP helps in the regrowth of hair and reduces face scars. We at Sayyal Health Services provide PRP treatment that enables you to reduce excessive hair loss and those stubborn acne scars. The treatment is done by PRP injection. We provide PRP treatment for hair and the face near me in Riverwood, Sydney.

Skin Cancer Management in Riverwood

Skin cancer leaves marks on the skin that are difficult to treat. Sayyal Health Services provides skin cancer management in Riverwood. Our treatment includes the initial skin check, skin cancer surgery and removal recommendation, Melanoma, and Basal cell cancer. Our GP professional thoroughly checks the patient to ensure the skin cancer is rightly detected.

Kids Health Services in Riverwood

Sayyal Health Services understands the importance of kid health care. From making an important decision about your baby boy’s circumcision to a regular health checkup, we ensure your child lives a healthy, happy life. Sayyal Health Services provides kids’ health near me in Riverwood, Sydney.

Railway Health Services in Riverwood

The Railway Medical program ensures the health and safety of all railway workers. Sayyal Health Services provides Railway medical facilities to all the hired Railway workers near me in Riverwood, Sydney. All the Railway workers are checked according to their category. According to the job, we provide three categories: cat 1 rail medical, cat 2 rail medical and cat 3 rail medical.

Corporate Health Services in Riverwood

A healthy workforce enhances overall organizational growth. Sayyal Health Services provides a complete corporate health facility for employee wellbeing. Our corporate health falls under the Employees Wellness Program, which reduces the overall health cost of the employees. We are also providing corporate health plans that can benefit the employees. To meet the needs and financial constraints of various organizations, we provide three levels of programs.


Are all skin cancers Melanoma?
Of all cancers, skin cancer is by far the most prevalent. Even though it only accounts for roughly 1% of skin cancer cases, Melanoma is the leading cause of death from the disease.
Is nonmelanoma skin cancer dangerous?
Skin cancer that does not start in the skin cells is deadly nonmelanoma skin cancer. Skin cancer develops in squamous cells or the lower epidermis but not in melanocytes, the outer layer of the skin (skin cells that make pigment).