Medical Service
  • A Railway Medical Program is a medical program particularly formulated for the ‘rail safety workers’
    under the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers.This program makes sure that
    the health of rail safety workers is at the required level to safely perform their required tasks.
  • It is a legislative requirement that medical assessments are conducted periodically
    once an individual has been hired. The frequency of these evaluations varies according
    to the category of the rail safety worker.
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Dr. Sayyal offers a comprehensive Railway
Workers Health & Fitness Management
  • Each employee receives a confidential health profile, with only the summary
    of the health status being shared with the employer. This helps them to have
    an overview of the workers’ health status.
  • Dr. Sayyal offers three different levels of Railway Medicals, based on the
    nature of the job of the workers.
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Rail Category 1 Medical
  • It is a medical assessment for all those railway safety workers
    whose nature of the job involves handling critical safety tasks.
    Their optimum health status is crucial so that they do not collapse
    during their job, leading to serious public safety risks.
Who does it cover?
  • Hand signaling flagmen, train drivers, and shunters are covered
    in our category 1 Medical.
What does it include?
  • Vision Testing, Audiometry Medical Examination, ECG, Fasting,
    Lipid Profile, Blood Glucose, Test Instant Drug and Alcohol Test.
Rail Category 2 Medical
  • This assessment applies to the workers whose
    nature of the job does not critically impact public safety.

Who does it cover?
  • Train Guards
What does it include?
  • Vision Testing, Audiometry Medical Examination
Rail Category 3 Medical
  • Category 3 covers all such railway workers whose
    incapacity doesnot pose a risk for the public.
    However, they do need to maintain their health
    status to perform their daily tasks effectively.
Who does it cover?
  • Railway Workers
What does it include?
  • Vision Testing, Audiometry Medical Examination