GP Health Services in East Hill

The skilled General Practitioner, Dr. Safwan Sayyal, MBBS, DCH, FRACGP practitioner, is registered as a specialist with the Royal Australian General Practitioners College (RACGP). Dr. Sayyal has extensive expertise in general practice and has worked in our nation’s urban and rural areas. Dr. Sayyal, who has further qualifications in the management of skin cancers, pediatric health, railway medicals, PRP therapy, and corporate health, has a significant interest in enhancing the health of his community.

GP Health Services in East Hills

Identifying the non-medical causes of disease in our patients and having the knowledge, abilities, and insight to significantly improve community health are unique roles played by general practitioners. Sayyal Health has its medical clinic in East Hills, Sydney. Visit Dr. Sayyal’s clinic and get treated.

PRP Therapy in East Hill

The Sayyal Health Services are offering PRP treatment that is entirely non-surgical. It is precisely for those women and men facing loss and thinning of their hair. You can also call it a complete hair loss treatment. The blood is drawn from the patients who have chosen PRP treatment for hair, and it is the first step in proceeding to therapy. There are PRP injections injected by the cosmetic nurses inside wherever there is hair loss or thinning of the hair. Visit Sayyal Health Clinic near me in East Hills, Sydney, and get your hair, skin, muscles treated.

Prp Therapy for hair
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Kids Health Services in East Hill

There is a GP for kids at Sayyal Health Services to guide you about your kids’ health. They are among those who are targeting and involving kids’ health in Sydney. These programs are specifically for the parents, and their involvement is essential. Its actual purpose is to facilitate accurate information such as Australian circumcision. We perform circumcisions using the Pollock technique while using anesthesia. Our approach is rapid, safe, and has a short recovery period. Visit Sayyal Health Clinic near me in East Hill, Sydney, and get your baby boy’s circumcision done.

Skin Cancer Management in East Hill

Here is the involvement of the skin check by the skin cancer doctor available at Sayyal Health Services. Firstly, they examine the whole body, particularly those areas that have no exposure to the sun. There is also an involvement of the mole check, so any unusual spots are for recording and examining purposes. Even though there can be a sign of Melanoma, the better approach is to visit a GP at Sayyal Health Services. All the patients receive high standards in terms of medical care. Visit Sayyal Health Clinic near me in East Hills, Sydney, and get your skin cancer treated as early as possible.

Railway Health Services in East Hill

The Sayyal Health Services also include rail medical and serves as the railway medical center for the railway workers. In this assessment, workers need to participate in the medical examination known as the Cat 3 rail medical. It consists of the testing of the vision and screening for the drug and alcohol with the involvement of audiometry. The railway workers’ health requirements are similar to the corporate ones by Sayyal Health Services, and their health is the priority for viewing and listening to the upcoming trains.

Corporate Health Services in East Hill

There is a department of corporate health plans designed by Sayyal Health Services. It is for the complete wellness of the organization. It also offers cooperative health insurance that provides employees with medical facilities. This is just like the additional benefits provided to the employees. Sayyal Health Services also conducts the employees’ assessment for better results for the organization. There is the evaluation of nutrition, fitness, health, sleeping patterns, and appearances. The main in-depth is exploring mindfulness by the high-rated GP.

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Can PRP therapy help hair loss?
Doctors employ a treatment called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to hasten the healing process in various parts of the body. It might promote hair growth once more. When androgenetic alopecia, a common disorder that causes hair follicles to shrink, is the cause of hair loss, doctors frequently utilize this treatment.