GP Health Services near Revesby Heights

Sayyal health clinic offers GP services, kids’ health, PRP treatment for hair loss, Skin cancer management, railway services, and corporate health services. Schedule your consultation at Sayyal health clinic near Revesby Heights in Sydney

GP services near Revesby Heights

DR. Sayyal offers GP health services near me in Revesby Heights. The top general practitioner in Revesby Heights promotes professional competence and has the knowledge and training required to provide continuing, thorough care. These medical professionals thought that a Revesby Heights doctor should, at the very least, meet the RACGP’s definition of general practice. Dr. Sayyal has also studied pediatric health, PRP therapy, railway medicals, corporate health, and skin cancer treatment. He genuinely cares about advancing health. When looking for a medical facility near Revesby Heights, give Sayyal Health Services a call to make an appointment.

PRP Therapy near Revesby Heights

A few minutes may pass during an injectable procedure. The doctor decides whether the patient requires a single injection or a series dispersed over a particular amount of time. The Sayyal Health Clinic uses a range of medical procedures. Additional medical services include PRP hair loss treatment, degenerative joint disease, tendon/muscle injuries, and skin rejuvenation. PRP therapy is offered near Revesby Heights in Sydney Sayyal Health Clinic. Book an appointment if you’re interested.

Kids Health near Revesby Heights

Most religious Medical Center in Sydney still does Muslim male circumcision. Muslims who follow the Abrahamic faith undergo circumcision as a sign of their relationship with God. The term for this procedure is tahera, which means purification. Sayyal Health Services provides circumcision near Revesby Heights. Please contact us if you have any specific questions about our circumcision method or want to set up a local consultation.

Skin Cancer Management near Revesby Heights

One of the nations with the highest rates of skin cancer in Revesby Heights is Australia. Therefore, early detection and care of skin cancer are crucial for the disease’s reduction. The prevalence of the well-known skin cancer melanoma is rising globally, and the cells’ production of pigments is the cause—the Revesby Heights in Australian skin cancer clinic Sayyal Health Services. The highly regarded GP performs skin care assessments and is crucial to its recognition. They examine the marks on your skin and look for changes based on their color and size.

Railway Heath near Revesby Heights

Cat 3 rail medical and different all categories are offered by Sayyal Health Services and are intended to support critical employees. It also guarantees that their physical and mental well-being won’t negatively impact the entire rail system. This test aims to evaluate employees’ skills in safely running rail routes. This is a component of railway medicine. The focus is on the medical disorders that affect the ability to notice and respond to approaching trains or other alerts. For you to get the Rail Industry Workers (RIW) card, you must finish this.

Corporate Health near Revesby Heights

Employee health evaluations are quick and private under the Sayyal Health corporate health plan. Employees will receive counseling and a referral to a general practitioner wherever there are health risks. Individual therapy and feedback sessions are also essential for employee well-being. We offer a 30-minute consultation to each customer. The individual receives a thorough evaluation of his diet, health indicators, and lab results.


How long does PRP take to show results on the face?
You might anticipate some effects for PRP face treatments after 2 or 3 weeks. Brighter skin, a healthy glow to the skin, and even plumper skin texture are the outcomes.
Is melanoma the same as skin cancer?
Skin cancer and melanoma are both types of cancer. Instead, it is a specific type of skin cancer. Melanoma is the rarest and most dangerous of the three main types of skin cancer.